5 Reasons You Need a Failover Back-Up System for Merchant Services and Your Technology

Fail over backup router in place so payments can be made.

In today’s digital age, the backbone of any point of sale (POS) system is undeniably internet services. Without a robust and dependable network, even the most advanced POS technology would be rendered useless. This is where Failover Backup Routers come into play, ensuring uninterrupted merchant services.

1. Failover Backup Routers: The Ultimate Solution

Partnering with WTI Wireless, Tried & True Consulting emphasizes that every restaurant—and indeed every business—should have a safety net for their card transactions. A dedicated line, separate from back office operations or the public WiFi offered to customers, ensures the smooth processing of payments.

While some clients choose to have a dedicated wireless router solely for card transactions, every business under our guidance, at the bare minimum, employs a fail-safe backup router. This precaution ensures uninterrupted service even when wired connections falter.

2. Cost-Effectiveness of Failover Routers

Integrating a failover backup router into your merchant services is a cost-effective solution. Tried & True Consulting offers flexible payment plans. Whether you opt to bundle the router cost and monthly fee into one or pay separately, the key takeaway remains: uninterrupted transactions, every day, at any time.

3. The Real Cost of Internet Outages

Consider this: in July 2022, Spectrum of Central Florida recorded a staggering 12-hour internet outage. The average outage? Eight hours.

But why do these outages occur? While many might blame adverse weather conditions, the reality is different:

  • Malfunctioning modems/routers.
  • Inadequate equipment or speeds.
  • Network issues or hacking.
  • ISP service disruptions and location-based network congestion.

Imagine, a business averaging daily sales of $1,000 or $5,000. How much was lost during an extended outage like the one Spectrum experienced? But with a failover router, such losses can be avoided, keeping your card processing machine operational and your business running.

4. Risks of Offline Payments

Operating without internet is akin to driving a car devoid of fuel. It’s an inconvenience at best, and a costly disaster at worst. Though some companies might brave the storm by accepting payments offline, this practice comes with its risks:

  • Declined Cards: Process a payment offline, and once the system’s back online, there’s a chance you’ll receive a decline notice. This means you lose both the funds and the product.
  • Chargebacks: A hand-keyed transaction, done during an outage, could be flagged as fraudulent once regular services resume. Without a signature or proof of a card being physically presented (dipped or tapped), businesses are left vulnerable.
  • Fraud: Extended outages can be a playground for fraudsters. They might enjoy a meal or make significant purchases, but once regular operations resume, chargebacks citing stolen cards can be a rude shock.

5. Failover Backup Routers: The Best Insurance for Your Business

In the realm of merchant services, where chargebacks can be detrimental, investing in a failover backup router isn’t just a suggestion—it’s a necessity. Think of it as the best insurance policy for your business. After all, prevention, as they say, is better than cure.

Contact Tried & True Consulting today and fortify your merchant services with the unmatched security of a dedicated WiFi network or backup router.
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