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Point of Sale Solution or Stand Alone Terminal?

We are often asked when one should consider a Point of Sale System versus a Credit Card Terminal.
You may want to go with a terminal if…    

You prefer a cash register

You may simply prefer a cash register and a simple credit card terminal to conduct daily transactions.

Counter space is limited

You may place a premium on up-sale items near the cash register or your counter space is not sufficient.

You don't track inventory

If you don’t track inventory or you prefer to track it manually, you may be ok with a simple terminal solution.

There's fewer than 100 items

Your business may only have 100 items or less and can be listed on a simple inventory list inside a device.

Your system is proprietary

You may operate a management system as a franchisee, salon, auto repair shop and just need a payment device.

There's limited transactions

You may not process a lot of transactions and need something to accept payments that is simple and inexpensive.

Countertop, Portable and Wireless Options

Valor Paytech

Valor Paytech is one of the most innovative and easy to use payment solutions Tried & True Consulting has ever introduced!   We are excited to provide clients that are seeking a strong multi-commerce payment solution!

The powerful payment device and cloud dashboard, management and business management program offers:

  • Engage My Customer – Unique, affordable SMS, Email and Marketing program to connect with your customers to drive more business and treat them like the VIP!
  • Virtual Terminal, invoicing, recurring payment and invoicing system is included with every Valor Paytech device we deploy!
  • Multiple pricing options with Dual Pricing, IC Plus, Flat-Rate or Tiered pricing!  Choose one that is best suited for your business
  • API integrations to connect to Woo-Commerce, Magneto, Big-Commerce
  • Security, Plug-In App Marketplace to help run your business

© 2023 Valor PayTech

Ingenico Lane Terminals

Tried & True Consulting sought to find the most innovative and easy to use, economical and secure pinpad technology that can integrate with any Point of Sale solution and technology you use to run payments.

Lane offers businesses an affordable way to shift the transaction back into the customers hands.  Eliminates the need to touch the card and helps the customer choose the payment method.   

  • Speed up check-out
  • Strengthen the customer engagement
  • Integrate into any retail environment
  • Diverse options to choose from

© Ingenico

PAX Terminals

Tried & True Consulting is excited to sell the PAX terminal line. PAX can supercharge any business through the PAX line offering technology that will provide your business with a seamless solution to help run your business smoothly.

  • Powered by the Android platform that offers flexibility, innovation and customizable
  • Dynamic platform that provides a operations dashboard, expansion for mobile and enabling multi-commerce capability
  • Over 2,400 apps to help any business optimize revenue, streamline efficiency

© 2023 PAX Technology, All Rights Reserved

Clover Mini and Flex

Discover the versatility of Clover Mini and Clover Flex, two powerful point-of-sale solutions from the same trusted company.
Clover Mini offers a compact yet comprehensive system for running your business end to end, while Clover Flex provides portability with its touchscreen, printer, camera, and barcode scanner, perfect for tableside ordering and efficient payment processing.
First Data Merchant Services, LLC, doing business as Clover Business Solutions, is a registered ISO of Pathward N.A., Sioux Falls, SD; and Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Concord, CA – © 2023 Clover Network, LLC

Fiserv FD150

Tried & True has selected to work with Fiserv’s FD150 terminal.   One of the industries most reliable, affordable, easy to use, powerful and compact device.

With enhanced processing speed, increased memory, and a familiar user interface, the FD150 empowers you with a comprehensive suite of payment processing options, including EMV, contactless, debit cards, gift cards, and EBT, all backed by the robust security of PCI compliance level 5 protection.

  • Compact
  • User-Friendly
  • Secure
  • Capable of Dynamic Currency Conversion 
  • Compatible with a pin-pad for a user centric experience

© 2023 Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates

Merchant Club Program

Merchant Club was created from the most common requests from our customers. This conveniently bundled solution is designed to bill one monthly fee for several key solutions and services our clients need. The program can be extended as long as you are our client or for a term and will vary depending on the length of time.

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