Merchant Club & Bundles

All-in-One Solutions and Conveniently Bundled Services

Business today is rapidly evolving and the economy continues to take a toll on all businesses profits. Tried & True believes that we can help you POP your bottom line with our newest programs available to help you control the expenses associated with terminals, point of sale and processing costs.  

Merchant Club - Retail Bundle

Select a Device, Get Warranty, Supplies, Consulting and More!

Ask your consultant about multi-location and franchise discounts.


$29 / Month

$0 Setup Fee

Small Retailer

(not including applicable taxes) 


$39 / Month

$100 Setup Fee

Retail or Professional Office

(not including applicable taxes) 


$49 / Month

$100 Setup Fee

Retail or Professional Office

(not including applicable taxes) 

Elite +

$59 / Month

$100 Setup Fee

Home Services, Plumbers, HVAC, Roofer, Contractor and….. 

(not including applicable taxes) 

1 Hour = 1 Credit and Additional Hours Available For Purchase Separately

Merchant Club - Point of Sale

Select a Device, Get Warranty, Supplies, Consulting and Much More!

Starting as low as $170 / Month
Dual Pricing is Required

(For retailers and restaurant owners, not including applicable taxes. $1250 implementation fee applies. Call for pricing on multiple stations.)

Access to Partner Consulting

Tried & True has worked with companies to provide exceptional consulting services at no charge for you from 1/2 hour to 90 minutes. Our partners are experts in their profession and our Merchant Club+ includes your access to them for 6 to 12 hours a year.
Merchant Club has no up front set-up cost. Bundles carry a set-up/implementation/training fee  Taxes and shipping cost not included All consulting services are provided by our partners and Tried & True Consulting pays the cost of the consultation through your membership fee.

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