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Finding the ideal sales and technology solution for your business.

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Simple POS system or more robust solution?

Your business may be in an industry that on the surface looks and feels the same as the next business, but reality is, what you offer, your brand, your service and your needs are as unique as a fingerprint is to a person. For that very reason Tried & True invests time to research and provide the ideal point of sale solution that will meet your needs.

Simple POS Solutions

A simple pos solution with time and attendance and inventory management, and that has a simple learning curve for training management or staff.

Robust POS Solutions

Tracking for thousands of skews, personnel, order and invoicing integration, tax, order on line, third-party ordering systems, e-commerce sales and much more.

The ideal point of sale solution that will meet your needs.

Streamline Your Business In-House and in the Cloud

Tried & True is excited to have Order Counter as a reseller partner for restaurant Point of Sale (POS). Order counter truly delivers across the restaurant industry. Whether your establishment is fine dining, counter service, casual, quick service, food truck we have you covered.  

Additionally, OrderCounter Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) add efficiency and accountability to your Back of House similar to the POS for Front of House.

  • 25,000 establishments serviced today
  • 100% US based client support team with a local payments team to support you
  • 24/7 support
  • Full cloud-based access to run or keep tabs on your business from wherever you are
  • Affordable solutions for every budget
  • Incredible modules interacted versus having to rely on third-party apps to help ensure no revenue is lost and no extra expense is needed.

© 2019 OrderCounter, Inc. 

If you purchase the TTC Merchant Club POS bundle, TTC will bill your hardware and warranty separately. All SAAS charges will be billed directly by the POS provider.

No-Fuss POS System Created to Simplify Your Day

Tried & True is a reseller of the powerful, diverse and most flexible point of sale solution in the industry!   Whether you need the most basic system or have diverse, complex needs, Clover will help you run your business and point of sale!

  • Custom App market to help customize and compliment your Point of Sale to run and grow your business.
  • 24/7 revolutionary help desk team available by phone, chat (on-line) or simply pull down on the upper right hand of the device and click “Call Me”!   
  • Affordable solution that has redundancy across the entire enterprise.   So if one device goes down, you are not stuck!
  • Complete training, implementation done by our local team or independent consultant!
  • In-House Clover specialist to help you educate you.

Your success is our number one goal and Clover truly helps us deliver on our value proposition.  It is the #1 reason why they tell their friends about us.

First Data Merchant Services, LLC, doing business as Clover Business Solutions,is a registered ISO of Pathward N.A., Sioux Falls, SD; and Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Concord, CA – © 2023 Clover Network, LLC
If you purchase the TTC Merchant Club POS bundle, TTC will bill your hardware and warranty separately. All SAAS charges will be billed directly by the POS provider.

A Feature-Packed System with Intuitive Design

Tried & True has partnered as a reseller of the Sound POS solution, offered through Sound Payments. Sound POS offers clients in retail, quick service, food truck and convenience store businesses an affordable, cloud based solution that easily integrates into any device. The powerful technology will help you track your business, manage your employees and process payments. 

  • The most economical solution we offer 
  • Solid basic cloud-based POS for less complex small to medium sized business 
  • Simple to use employee screen and customer screen interface
  • Offers redundancy in hardware line
  • Track employees, inventory, products sold while having a management dashboard to manage the day to day operations
Copyright (c) 2015 Sound Payments Technology Solutions.
If you purchase the TTC Merchant Club POS bundle, TTC will bill your hardware, SAAS and warranty separately. 

Merchant Club - Point of Sale

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Starting as low as $170 / Month
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(For retailers and restaurant owners, not including applicable taxes. $1250 implementation fee applies. Call for pricing on multiple stations.)

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