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Merchant Services & Payment Processing for Non-Profit Organizations

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Empowering Non-Profits to Maximize Their Impact

At Tried & True Consulting, our mission is to empower non-profit organizations to achieve their goals by providing tailored payment solutions, dedicated support, and strategic guidance. We understand the unique challenges faced by non-profits, from optimizing payment processes to ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our collaborative approach ensures that whether you’re a new organization just starting out or a well-established entity, your payment systems are efficient, frictionless for contributors, and cost-effective for your organization.

Why Choose Tried and True Consulting?

Non-profit organizations operate in a unique environment where every dollar counts. Our solutions are designed to maximize the impact of your resources, ensuring that more of the money you collect goes towards your cause and not to processing fees. We offer a range of payment solutions that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization, helping you to streamline operations and enhance donor experience.

Gateway and API Integrations

Integrate seamless payment solutions directly into your website with our robust gateways and APIs. These tools allow you to process donations and payments efficiently, providing a smooth and secure experience for your contributors.

Recurring Payments

Encourage consistent support from your donors with our recurring payment solutions. Set up automated contributions, making it easier for supporters to give regularly without any hassle.

Terminal Solutions

For in-person donations and transactions, our terminal solutions provide a reliable and straightforward way to accept payments. Whether at events, fundraisers, or your organization’s office, our terminals ensure smooth processing.

ACH and Card Processing

Offer a variety of payment options, including ACH transfers and card processing, to accommodate the preferences of your donors. Our secure systems ensure that every transaction is processed safely and efficiently.

Supporting All Scenarios

We understand that non-profits operate in diverse scenarios and need versatile payment solutions. Our systems are designed to support:

Additional Services

Beyond payment processing, Tried & True Consulting offers a suite of additional services to support your non-profit organization:

Transparent and Flexible Pricing

We offer traditional pricing and convenience fee or surcharge programs to offset card processing costs, ensuring more funds go toward your cause. Our flexible options fit the financial needs of non-profits.

At Tried & True Consulting, we help non-profits maximize their impact with efficient payment solutions and comprehensive support. Focus on your mission while we handle the rest. Contact us today to elevate your non-profit’s payment processing and operations.

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