Tried & True Consulting is excited to have a partnership with Afflex Adjustable Arm. Both organizations care about the environment, health & wellness and you. As a Payments and Business Solution, we will serve as your advocate to provide solutions that reduce cost, increase security, provide greater efficiency. Our organization stand firmly in the belief that an exceptional client experience is paramount. Some of our services actually produce revenue that we will share with your practice!Your bottom line is what matters most and whether that is reducing the expense or providing value added solutions that increase revenue, Tried & True is ready to take your call!   

Who is Tried & True Consulting?

Established in 2009, Tried & True Consulting is compromised of a team of payment professionals with over 75 years of payment experience and is ready to serve your Dental Practice. The leadership team has been working with Thousands of clients, including dental offices throughout our career. With core experiences in all areas of processing that includes price optimization, security, compliance, leading technology solutions and strategic relationships with key marketing and technology companies, Tried & True Business Consulting is uniquely prepared to help drive increased revenue and customer loyalty.

What Does Tried & True Consulting Do?

  • Payment Processing with stand-alone or even integrated practice management solution if needed.
  • Terminal and Hosted Payment Pages to address recurring payments, invoicing and text/email to pay.
  • Video Advertising Boards to help drive advertising revenue on screens you may have in place today.
  • Payroll Solutions through Magnify Payroll.
  • Background Checks service through eGuarded.
  • IT Solutions and Services, provided by Kerwin Technologies.
  • Hippa Compliant Data storage and back-up services through Colo Solutions.

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Tried & True Payment Solutions

Tried & True Media

Powered by Awedynamics

Video Boards are more than just displaying prices and images of food.

One of the biggest benefits of adopting digital signage is its simplicity of distributing dynamic information.

It can be used in virtually any environment with markets including corporate, education, healthcare, and many more.

With solutions ranging from the classic digital menu board to stunning video walls, signage solutions help reduce costs.

Tried & True IT Solutions

In the restaurant industry your operational success is entirely contingent upon the technology you use to run the business efficiently. Long lines as a result of poor technology can be the difference between failure and success. Keep your business up and running at all times!

Payroll Solutions

Powered by Magnify Payroll

Magnify Payroll takes care of mundane, administrative tasks to get you back to what makes you money. Rest easy knowing that we are calculating, paying, and filing taxes accurately and on time. We know your business by name and can’t wait to serve you!

Background Checks/Screening

Powered by eGuarded

Tried & True has created an exclusive arrangement for our clients through eGuarded, a leading provider in background and security checks. eGuarded offers detailed background checks and security consultations for companies of all sizes.

Use eGuarded’s years of experience in the investigation and security industries to make hiring decisions quickly, easily, and with confidence – and to ensure that you feel comfortable sending employees to any job.
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