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If your business is like most businesses, card processing may account for 50%, 70% and even up to 90% of your volume.

In 2021, Mercator Group reported that the average small business (under $10 million in sales revenue) that credit card sales account for an average of 50% of the annual revenue. In some industries as much as 90% of revenue may be credit cards. We have spent years in the industry, understanding the trends, seeking our new, but tested, solutions that are driving success for business owners. Your decision on who processes your payments and the devices, gateway, api connections they use should be as trusted as your commitment to the service you provide to your client. It should be as predictable and supported to the highest degree of confidence you can have in any partner you select. 

When it comes to payment processing there are several factors to consider...

Payment processing should not be a mystery, nor should there be any surprises.

Our customized program is based on what you need, offering flexible pricing options for rates and fees, point of sale and gateway solutions.

We offer point of sale solutions and an exclusive Tried & True Merchant Club program that includes: Hardware, Supplies, Warranty, Support and Consulting services for one monthly fee. 

Bottom-line, we are focused on ensuring your bottom line is where you need it to be and provide great support along your journey with us!

Introducing our NEW!
Profit Optimization Program

With Inflation, Supply-Chain, rising cost of goods and credit card processing cost... What is a business owner to do?

The Profit Optimization Program (POP) is designed to remove the card fees associated with accepting credit cards.

What caused the need for this?

    Is the program compliant?

    Clark Howard’s Opinion on the Benefits of Dual Pricing

    **Equipment Management Solution (EMS) is owned and operated by Tried & True. EMS was created to handle all equipment sourcing and billing for point of sale technology and solutions. Tried & True will invoice and debit our merchants when purchasing hardware and services through the EMS brand.

    Pricing Options Available

    If we can understand who is buying from you, we can place you into a program by doing more than just simply dividing your fees by the volume to get an effective rate. To avoid hidden charges, we provide a true payment professional to help you cut through the confusion and get to what you should be paying for services.

    Flat Rate


    Cash Discount

    Interchange Plus

    True Surcharge

    Visa/Mastercard Class Action Settlement!

    You have until August, 2024 to participate in a class action settlement and receive your funds.

    Tried & True Consulting has partnered with one of our processing partners CoCard and Brownstone Recovery. This provides a way for you to to receive assistance and benefit from the class action settlement with Visa/MasterCard. You do not need to be a Tried & True Client or a CoCard merchant to participate.   When you register please use Security Referral Code / Office #: 0776

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    Tried & True is now partnering with AVVA Eats, the premier company in driving revenue for the restaurant businesses!

    AVVA Eats enables your restaurant with the power to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment with proven online tools for driving revenue. Gain competitive advantage with integrated online ordering.

    After all your brand, food and message matters most. So work with Tried & True and AVVA Eats to help grow your brand, expand your customer base and increase your revenue today!

    Stop paying thousands of dollars a month and get with a proven brand and revenue builder!   

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    Tried & True Consulting is now partnering with Card Market, a leading provider of giftcard plastics.

    Card Market has an incredible history of providing plastic, paper and digital solutions for giftcards. We have negotiated prices exclusively for our Tried & True Clients to order their giftcards directly from Card Market.

    As the world becomes increasingly digital, consumers are shifting their preferences towards online shopping. This presents an incredible opportunity for you and your merchants to tap into the online gift card market and drive more revenue.

    Gift cards are a no nonsense marketing tool for restaurants and retailers that are typically in high demand for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. But, plastic cards can help you in numerous ways beyond gift cards alone.

    By offering online gift card sales, your merchants can:

    As your trusted partner, Card Market is committed to providing you with innovative solutions that help grow your business and support your merchants. 

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    Our NEW Profit Optimization Program is specifically designed to reward your customers paying with cash while setting the right prices to cover and collect the cost of accepting cards. If you are ready to see a real impact to your bottom line, the time is NOW!